Travel Taiwan: How to Apply for a Taiwan Tourist Visa

Taiwan Tourist Visa Application Guide for Filipinos

If my special someone was not deployed to Taiwan, I would never thought of visiting the country this early in my life. In my travel priority list prior to him working in the land of milk tea and night markets, Taiwan was nowhere to be found. Today, I have visited the country twice (first time in November 2013 then on May 2014) and currently planning my third one (set on Chinese New Year 2015). Hurray for seat sales!

Well, the wanderlust fairy must have something in store for me and I’m just glad that I discovered the many thrills of traveling in Taiwan—lots of unique yet cheap finds, places teeming with culture and tradition, the beauty of nature, one of the most hospitable people in the planet, and the culinary wonders. Oh joy!

But before setting foot in Taiwan to experience all these, we, Filipinos, have to go through the hurdles of applying for a visa.

Travel Truths: The 15 Truths I Know About El Nido

what you need to know about el nido

 Travel Truths is a series about facts, practical tips, awesome advices, and plain truths I know of a place based on first-hand experience.

Judging from the love letter I have written for El Nido, you must have known by now how crazy I am for this little corner of paradise. Simply put, this place wowed me to the core!

I was blown away the first time I went there in 2012. Fast forward to 2014, on my third visit, nothing has changed—I’m still completely awe-struck about El Nido. That thing they told you about a place losing its magic after your first visit? This holds no truth about El Nido (at least in my case and that of many others).