Of Blooming Blossoms: The Taichung Sea of Flowers Festival in Xinshe

Updated 16 September 2017
This 2017, the Xinshe Sea of Flowers Festival will run from November 11 -26, 2017. 

Everywhere we went, there were splendid hues. Everywhere we looked, there was vibrance. There were wild flowers swaying with the autumn breeze and blossoms bursting with colors made even brighter with the kiss of sunshine. Somehow, visiting the Taichung Sea of Flowers Festival in Xinshe was like seeing a piece of heaven. 

Your Year In Moments: The Daykeeper 2015

She is full of life, of unswerving passion, of careless adventures. 

Every page of hers is a sight to behold. 

I told myself, “I have finally found THE ONE.”