5 Tips for Planning a Family Camping Adventure

Camping is a popular activity for families looking for ways to bond and have fun. Whether you are planning to visit a local camping ground or are going further away, you need to have everything in place. To avoid getting overwhelmed, you may need to start preparing for the trip months in advance and rope your family in, every step of the way.

The Ultimate Guide to Cape Town, South Africa

On the edge of the Atlantic surrounded by gorgeous mountains, Cape Town is undeniably a wonder that’s worth exploring. If you have a trip booked here, you’ll want to experience all of the wonderful site and culture opportunities this amazing city has to offer, so it’s important to know where to look. So before you head off to Cape Town, South Africa, check out this ultimate travel guide!

5 Amazing Travel Experiences to Add to Your Bucket List

Traveling is a great time to head outside of your comfort zone and try something you might normally never attempt. It can be all too easy to get stuck in your routine, between work or school or just the daily grind. So, it’s important to sometimes take a break from it all and plan a trip.

But what sort of things can you do when trying to find inner adventurer? 

5 Amazing Things to See and Do in Koloa, Hawaii

Hawaii, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, offers some many things to do that it gets hard to decide where to start. First, Hawaii is divided into many different islands, all with various activities depending on the type of tourist you want to be. There’s the main islands Hawaii and Maui, along with various other smaller islands. These smaller islands usually fly under people’s radars but usually end up being the most memorable places to visit.

The 7 Most Beautiful Locations in Alaska

Alaska has some of the most breath-taking natural landscapes and sites to explore. With unique wildlife, gorgeous mountain ranges, and deep blue coastal waters, there’s simply nothing else like it.
If you are looking to visit Alaska and want to start planning your trip, read on to learn about 7 of the most beautiful locations in the state. No matter where you end up though, you’re going to want to bring a nice camera!

5 Amazing Experiences to Have in Saigon

If you’re looking to visit Saigon, then you’ll quickly find out that there are many things that you can do. Some of these are hidden gems that are only known to expats and locals. Others are attractions that are popular but entertaining and something you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Here’s a quick look at five amazing experiences you have to try while exploring.

Planning on Traveling with Your Pet? Check Out These Tips Before You Go

Travel is an inevitable part of life; whether it’s for work, family, or fun, we will all eventually find ourselves faced with taking a long trip. Planning all the logistics of your trip can be quite an undertaking, and as all pet owners can attest, owning a furry friend only adds a whole new set of complications.

Many owners choose to leave their pets at home and pay a friend or family member to take care of them while they are away. Other owners choose to board their pets at a kennel; this can be a good option for some, but many owners worry about leaving their pet with a stranger, especially if that pet has special needs.

5 Common Jobs for Expats Living in Asia

Asia is a massive continent, and it has become a popular locale for expats to settle down. However, as anyone knows, you need money to live on, and therefore you will probably need a job after relocating. It can seem like a daunting task to find a job in an entirely new place, and in an area in which English is not their first language. However, it is not impossible by any means.

16 Days 'Til Takeoff

I am beyond disbelief how fast days go by! One day, I was being tearfully sent off by my colleagues on my last day at work, the next day, I’m moving out of my city apartment where I’ve lived for the past five years. Do I really have only less than a month—heck, less than 20 days—left before I leave the Philippines to start my working holiday journey in New Zealand?!  

A Taste of Spain in Old Manila: Las Casas Manila by Margarita Forés

Looking for some flair in your Manila dining experience? Here’s a new restaurant that will surely live up to your grand expectations. The best thing? It's right at the heart of Quezon City! 

From the outside, it looks unassuming and plain with its white bordered walls but once we stepped inside, it’s like we were transported back in time to a world of lavish opulence and grandeur.  The place is oozing with Versailles-meets-Spain-in-Old-Manila vibe!

Bagsit River: Palauig's Very Own Enchanted River

Bagsit River Palauig Zambales

My hometown, Palauig, might be the sleepiest town in Zambales but it does sure packs a punch when it comes to natural wonders and breathtaking sceneries—Magalawa Island, Mount Tapulao, the beaches of Locloc and San Juan, to name a few. If only for these, I can say that Palauig, Zambales is an underrated gem. 

Last summer, I finally made my way to another treasure that makes me truly proud to be a Palauigueña. I’m talking about Bagsit River. 

What You Should Know About Buying Property in Thailand

If you ask anyone that has ever visited Thailand if they would consider purchasing a property there, the vast majority of people would say yes. Thailand is full of all of the beautiful perks that you could ask for in a tropical paradise, and anybody could envision themselves happily moving there. Here are a few things you should know about buying property in Thailand if you’re interested:

I Am Going to Seek a Great Perhaps: My Boldest and Bravest Move Yet

“I go to seek a Great Perhaps. That's why I'm going. So I don't have to wait until I die to start seeking a Great Perhaps.”― John Green, Looking for Alaska

On February 19 this year, I received an email. Attached to it was a lengthy letter but my eyes automatically gravitated towards two crucial words. 


I knew right there and then that the course of my life was about to change—well, at least for a year, it would, because…

5 Must-Visit Spots for First-Time Visitors in Dubai

Back in 2015, I almost had a chance to explore Dubai. We happily scored a roundtrip promo ticket but then later on decided to skip Dubai and go straight to Europe instead. I thought then that it was such a brilliant decision—afterall, I was able to fulfill my lifelong dream to have a whirlwind European adventure.

If I could have another chance again today, I would definitely spend a few days in Dubai instead of heading straight to Europe. But this time, I wouldn’t scrimp on a promo fare; I would pamper myself and travel comfortably with Emirates Airlines.

5-Day Itinerary in Greece for First-timers

Greece with its years of history, gorgeous islands, and ancient ruins is sure to overwhelm you as a holidaymaker, especially if one is here for the first time. The varied landscape of Greece and its delicious food caters to all types of tourists and travelers. People are friendly, and you can easily rent a house in Greece to get a taste of the local culture. Still, if you are here for just a week or even five days, it can be challenging to make the most out of your trip. After all, how much of Greece can you cover in just five days?

#HappySunshineCamp: A Visit to Coto Kidz Pool in Masinloc, Zambales

Aside from its stunning beaches and sandbars, secret surfing spots, lush forests and mountain ranges, and remote coves, here’s another reason why you should head up north and visit Zambales

“Welcome to Happy Sunshine Camp! Once ika’y mag-check-in, mahihirapan ka ng mag-check-out dahil serbisyo namin all-out!”

Tickled in Pink: A Shabby Chic Vacation House in Tagaytay