Almost 26 And About to Fulfill One of My Greatest Travel Dreams

October 30, 2015
1:53 AM (Philippine Time) 

Exactly 29 days from today, I'll be celebrating my 26th birthday. In less than ten hours, I will find myself stepping foot on a new continent—one that has been floating in my travel dreams since I was a teenager.

Tales of the Haunted: A Different Kind of Chill in Baguio City

Baguio City Ghost Tour Philippines

As we opened our van’s windows to take a peek into the abandoned, locked property in front of us—the former site of the infamous Hyatt Hotel that was devastated in the 1990 earthquake—we knew it was not just the famed cold Baguio City weather that made the hairs on our skin go up and our spines chill a little. It was something else—something unexplainably and eerily ominous. After all, this was no ordinary stroll around the summer capital of the Philippines.