16 Days 'Til Takeoff

I am beyond disbelief how fast days go by! One day, I was being tearfully sent off by my colleagues on my last day at work, the next day, I’m moving out of my city apartment where I’ve lived for the past five years. Do I really have only less than a month—heck, less than 20 days—left before I leave the Philippines to start my working holiday journey in New Zealand?!  

A Taste of Spain in Old Manila: Las Casas Manila by Margarita Forés

Looking for some flair in your Manila dining experience? Here’s a new restaurant that will surely live up to your grand expectations. The best thing? It's right at the heart of Quezon City! 

From the outside, it looks unassuming and plain with its white bordered walls but once we stepped inside, it’s like we were transported back in time to a world of lavish opulence and grandeur.  The place is oozing with Versailles-meets-Spain-in-Old-Manila vibe!