30 Reasons Why Traveling with Your Best Friend Is One of Life’s Most Amazing Experiences

Why Travel With Your Bestfriend

Editor's Note: This post is for one of my best friends and best travel buddies of all time who celebrates her 25th birthday today, July 10. To you, Eury, here's to chasing your sunshine! 

One of the most astounding and exhilarating trips that you will take in your life is a trip with your best friend. Traveling brings an entirely new wonder into your life; you journey through various cultures, new places, strange faces, and distinct tastes. It’s true what they say: it matters who you take those journeys with. 

Indeed, travel takes on a deeper meaning when shared with someone who feels exactly the same way you do about seeing the world. After all, there’s a reason why we call them our BEST friend. The best adventures must be taken with only the best people in our life.

Fortunately, there’s this girl I can always travel with and have fun with despite the mishaps and misadventures. 

I call her my best friend.

30 Wanderlust-Inducing Travel Picture Quotes to Inspire You to Just Go

Best Travel Picture Quotes Collection

Every once in a while, we need a sweet reminder to spark our wanderlust. And there’s nothing as inspiring as and more powerful than reading the perfect quote that seems to leap out of a page, as if it had been written especially for you, beckoning you to see the world. 

Often, these quotes resonate with us because they stoke our inner longing to travel or they bring back fond memories. Whatever it is, certainly it is one of life's simple joys to find the right words that our wandering hearts and restless souls exactly feel about life, adventures, travel, and experiencing the world. 

So here you go: Coupled with some of my favorite photos from my travels, here are 30 wanderlust-inducing travel quotes to inspire you, once and for all, to just go.