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Small-town girl in this vast world. Pinay wanderer. Bubbly to the bones.  Tala (Zambaleno word for gala/travel) Queen. In 2006, I left my hometown in Palauig, Zambales (PHL) to study in Manila. 3 months before graduation, I dropped out of college to chase my dream of traversing the globe, one spectacular spot at a time. Today, I’ve been to 46 countries and I’m not stopping. Never. Follow my adventures and together, let us chase sunshine!

Chaarrr! Sorry for leading you on. We’ve heard countless of these stories: yuppies who have ditched their 8-5 jobs for an unending adventure around the world, girls who have put aside their posh handbags for a sturdy backpack, people who left everything behind to travel. Yada, yada, yada. In another world and another time, I could be this girl. But I choose not to be.

While the thought of packing my things and leaving everything behind sounds appealing, there are other dreams that I long to chase. Traveling is indeed one of those. Operative phrase: one of those. There are many others but it does not mean that I am abandoning my lust to see the world. You see, it's forever embedded unto my soul. At times, it may be in the background to give way for my bigger dreams but the yearning to travel never fades. It's kind of hard to put it into words-- this kind of love affair I have with seeing the world. But this, I am certain: I WANT TO GO FAR AND SO, I WILL.

So let’s start with the introductions all over again, shall we?

Hello! Thank you for visiting Girl Chasing Sunshine! I am Ninay, nicknamed after the famous Filipino senator, Ninoy Aquino, who was considered as the most prominent opposition leader during his time. I share the same birth date with him, hence, Ninay. :)  You can also call me by my first name, Anne. Small-town girl in this vast world. Proud probinsyana. Pinay wanderer. Bubbly to the bones. Tala Queen. Endless dreamer. I hail from the sleepy town of Palauig in the coastal province of Zambales, Philippines. In 2006, I left my hometown to study in Manila. Currently, I’m in the exciting world of corporate communications, working for a pharmaceutical company. At every chance I get, I go out and explore.

This blog hopes to capture my journey of chasing sunshine around the world. And because sunshine, for me, is not just defined by an epic trip, occasionally, I may also write about other things close to my heart. Most importantly, I want to show that a life of sustainable travel-- whether part-time or full-time-- possible for anyone. You don't always need to quit your job and your regular life back home to travel or to chase your passion.

Girl Chasing Sunshine… For me, it’s definitely a never-ending journey towards bliss. Won’t you join me? :)

6 (na) komento

  1. Loka ka talaga! I almost picked up the phone to call your mom and ask when you dropped out of college! Love your blog!

  2. I would be interested to be updated of your journey. Go girl. Keep chasing sunshine

  3. Hi. I saw your blog as I'm doing my research for Happy Sunshine Camp! :)
    I'd like to know if we need to bring our own cooking utensils. My friends and I are planning
    to have a 3days 2nights.
    Kindly reach me via email pls. Coto FB page isn't responding po kasi.
    Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Hi Ninay! I came across your youtube channel and now I am reading your blogs. I don't know if you will read this but I hope you will. Know that you are incredibly informative and very endearing. I am so inspired by your story. I, too long to travel abroad, perhaps stay there and further my education. However, I have a lot of fears. I fear that taking a year off for myself will cause me to neglect my duties to my family. I am 24 and parang wala pa akong nararating sa buhay, pero I always had this nudging feeling that whatever it is that my heart longs for it is not here. I want to take that leap of faith as well. I don't exactly have a concrete plan laid out yet, but my heart is set in trying and persevering! People would have to kill me to stop me from pursuing this. This is how bad I want it!


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