A Love Letter to El Nido

Dear El Nido,

As I write this, I am in my office desk, in front of my laptop and piles of papers, about 260 miles away from you. I may be here physically but my heart is beating for you.

No one and nothing prepared me for your breathtaking beauty. I first laid eyes on you in 2012. Two years, two succeeding epic trips, four butt-numbing, 6-hour bus rides and a thousand infinite moments after, I’m still on a high about you. You blew my mind like nothing else did.

Two different moments. One fleeting feeling. Photo on the right was taken during my first visit to El Nido in November 2012. The other one was in July 2013.
I remember visiting you the first time with my special someone that golden day of November 28, 2012. We were about to end a long-time relationship and we wanted to do it in harmony, in a place that would bring us serenity over a mutual decision of letting each other go. As it is, you, along with fate, have other plans for us.

He triggered my love affair with El Nido. :) Circa 2012 photo taken at Corong-Corong Beach.

I found myself falling in love with your cozy, quaint personality and at the same time, falling back into the arms of my one true love. Maybe it was because of your impressive landscape of limestone karsts and hillside cliffs. Maybe it was the soulful beauty of your scenic beaches, coves, lagoons and islands. Maybe it was the appeal of the sparkling, blue waters. Or maybe, it was just really love after all and the person I was with. Whatever it is, I thank you for bringing us together. An unexpected rekindled love in the most beautiful paradise on earth.

A golden day never to be forgotten at Corong-Corong Beach.

Soaking up all the sunshine goodness in El Nido.

I came back in July 2013 with my high school best friend. For the second time, you made me catch my breath. How can you come back to the same place and still have the same fleeting moments? Your magic did not fade in my eyes. You really stand out. For me, nothing compares to your raw and rugged landscape (and seascape). I lost count of the times I exclaimed “wow!” “sobrang ganda!” “this is paradise!” while I was in your arms. You are surreal.

I came back in July 2013 with my best friend. One of our favorite shots inside Big Lagoon.

Just one of the breathtaking limestone formations in Bacuit Bay, El Nido.

I remember lusting over your perfection, looking in awe at the sunset in El Nido town and Corong-Corong beach, floating in Small Lagoon with the ocean as my bed and the azure skies as my fantastic view, walking slowly around your little alleyways, not minding time as I laze at The Alternative Inn’s nest, bewildering the first time I set foot in Hidden Beach, meeting new friends from around the globe and having the same magical memories with them. Yes, I remember the tiniest details but more importantly, I remember how you made me feel—like Alice in Wonderland, like a radiant bride on the morning of her wedding day, like a 6-yr old girl visiting Disneyland for the first time.

It was gloomy but your beauty did not fade in my eyes. Not a bit. July 2013 at Seven Commandos Island.

With you, I can be happy forever. You are a beauty like no other. I’ll keep on coming back.

Tomorrow, I shall see you again, my little corner of paradise.

Ready to be awed over and over again,


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  1. Anne, ang expensive naman ng break-up na yan! Buti na lang hindi natuloy :p. Sayang, mag-Puerto Princesa lang kami sa March, short trip lang eh.

  2. Buti na nga lang, Ms B! Hahaha! :) Go na to El Nido!

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