Your Year In Moments: The Daykeeper 2015

She is full of life, of unswerving passion, of careless adventures. 

Every page of hers is a sight to behold. 

I told myself, “I have finally found THE ONE.”

I’m talking about the one that would hold my wildest dreams, my fondest memories of every moment—be it great or mundane—in my life, the one that I would share my deepest and most personal thoughts with: The Daykeeper 2015. It’s my choice of journal-slash-planner for this new year. 

The Daykeeper is not your usual planner. It functions both as a diary and a planner. It’s a tracker, a notepad, and a journal. The Daykeeper 2015 is a datebook. 

Even just seeing it in photos, The Daykeeper instantly drew me in. I remember lusting over this creation in 2013 but I was not able to get hold of the 2014 version. So this year, I made sure I’ll have one. 

And when it arrived in the mail, clad in an earth-toned slip case scribbled with beautiful typography greetings with my name on it, I was the happiest! 

The navy blue hardbound cover was made more elegant with the accent of gold letters. But the true beauty of this datebook lies in its inside pages. 

The manifesto in stunning calligraphy resonates with my dreams and goals—“to breathe in every moment… to collect daydreams and have the courage to make them happen… to step out into the world… to fully come alive in the here and now…” 

Aaahhh, it’s like this datebook knew every longing of my restless soul. 

I also like that that I can write a letter to my future self which will be opened on New Year’s Eve 2016. 

The Daykeeper has a lot of space for writing down thoughts, scribbling notes, and even random drawings. It’s peppered with a lot of striking, beautiful photos complemented with inspiring life quotes and powerful bible verses. No two pages are the same and that makes it even lovelier. And did I tell you about the free postcards?  

I love that this journal encourages appreciation, kindness, and optimism. There is a dedicated page where you can write things that made you smile and happy on a particular day. 

I love that even without trying so hard, The Daykeeper inspires me immensely to just go out there and fulfill my dreams and to chase a life full of adventures. When I’m tired, stressed, and unmotivated, I just flip through my datebook and instantly, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the world. That’s how relatable The Daykeeper is for me. 

Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos of our everyday lives and forget the simple moments that matter, the little things that make up our life.

I urge you, please don’t. 

Remember them, appreciate them, write them down so you’ll have something wonderful to hold on to and look back months, years from now.

May we always be grateful to every minute that’s been given to us… to make the most out of our time… with the people we love… in the places we love… to make sense out of our own journey… to squeeze the goodness in every moment… to live a meaningful life…

So here’s to our most cherished hopes and our wildest dreams, may we be inspired to make them happen, to live them out one day at a time, and write about them, too.

Here’s to all the amazing things that will happen this 2015!

This beautiful creation is lovingly made by the creative Kat San Juan. I bought mine for Php950.00 in December 2014. If you'd like to purchase a copy, you can inquire through Facebook or send them an email to Alternatively, you can get one from Heima!

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  1. This planner is love! I should have seen this before I asked for a BDJ Planner last year :(

    Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely get this for next year ^_^

    Mga Tugon
    1. You really should, Milet! :) It's best to reserve by October as stocks are very limited. :( But it's worth it!

  2. first, thanks for visiting my blog (curiousweekends). I love your journal! I think that one is a great one to use - creativity wise, and it's so chic! :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thanks, Love! :) You should also get The Daykeeper as your journal-planner for next year. :)