Sunny Rays and Happy Days Are Here: Hello, Summer!

Hello Summer at Buri Resort and Spa

Summer has always been my favorite season (Sidenote: akala mo naman kumpleto ang seasons sa Pilipinas! Haha!). I have always associated this sunny time with vacations—a means to get away from all the hustle and bustle of life. Often, when the distractions and chaos of our daily life drain us of moments and energy, we are quick to give up the one fundamental thing we need the most—quiet, sacred, and reflective time. Time to pause, time to think, time to escape, time to dream, time to evaluate our life and the course we want to take. 
I don’t know about you but summer vacations give me this precious time. This summer, we have all been given a moment to slow down—whether it be a month, a week, or even just a weekend. I’m really fortunate that the company I work for has a 9-day Holy Week vacation. 

The sun is shining ever so bright, not a dark cloud in the sky and the open road is calling so last Sunday, I packed my bags, boarded a bus going south, hopped aboard a ferry, and found my blissful weekend place at Buri Resort and Spa in Puerto Galera, Mindoro.

Yes, I went alone! I guess the best part about a summer trip is the glorious freedom that comes with it. You can be adventurous, playful, and carefree! It’s as if the promise of a sunny day beckons a happy day. To some extent, yes it can. After all, what’s not happy about soaking up on sunshine, taking your much needed dose of Vitamin Sea, sipping tropical drinks with the company of fun-loving people, or even just by yourself, living in the now, and being grateful for the simplest of things? 

So I did just that, minus the company of people. 
  Blue Bar Buri Resort and Spa
Infinity Pool Buri Resort and Spa with View

Outdoor Garden Buri Resort and Spa
Sea View Buri Resort and Spa

Infinity Pool at Buri Resort and Spa

Dahlia Garden Villa Outdoor Bathroom Buri Resort
View of Buri Resort and Spa
I’ve been getting a lot of messages and comments from friends regarding this particular getaway. I love that Buri Resort and Spa is tranquil and peaceful. The place can surely rejuvenate a tired soul and a weary spirit. The resort is far from the Puerto Galera we know. Buri Resort and Spa transported me to a quiet bubble where I was able to think clearly, free of chaos, clutter, and confusion. Slowing down was so refreshing. 

And so this summer, I urge you that before the sunset parties start and before you get drunk by the intoxicating summer vibe, please take time to listen to the deepest longings of your soul. Pause for a moment; a day even. Go at your own pace. Let your heart guide you. Open your eyes to the beauty of the world in summer. Let it be your inspiration and trust that, just life a perfect sunny day, you too will shine. 

Enjoy the summer! 

Restaurant View Buri Resort and Spa
Summer at Buri Resort and Spa

Dahlia Garden Villa Buri Resort and Spa

Lap Pool Buri Resort and Spa
Swimming Pool of Buri Resort and Spa
Puerto Galera Beach Buri Resort

Buri Resort and Spa, Puerto Galera
Sitio Dalaruan, Puerto Galera
Oriental Mindoro, Philippines
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Summer is calling! Where do you plan to hibernate? 
P.S.: I’ll be writing a detailed review of Buri Resort and Spa soon so stay tuned!

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  1. beautiful pictures!!!! can't wait to see your review!

  2. I've been to Puerto Galera pero dun sa White Beach area pero mas maganda to masyado na kasing madameng tao sa part na yun.


    Mga Tugon
    1. Hi, Neri! Glad to see you here. True! If you want som peace and quiet, go to this side of Puerto Galera. Ibang iba sa usual Galera that we know.

  3. I've read about this place before, some says the food is not that great so I never bother booking. But I must say the place looks glorious! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Hi, Milet! Thanks for dropping by! The food is just okay for me as well. But the view, the setting, the service, and the amenities all make up for it! ;)

  4. Looks like a pretty destination perfect for a quiet weekend escape :) Thank you for sharing and happy summer! :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. It is. Feeling ko nag-retreat ako! Hahaha! Happy summer, Jacq! ;)

  5. ive been interested with this resort for the longest time. glad you had fun. thanks for sharing this!

    Mga Tugon
    1. You should spend a weekend there, Ayen! I swear, you'll love it!

  6. such a lovely place. Puerto Galera is a must-see for me the next time I visit Pinas. :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Lizzie, thanks for visiting! Indeed, it is one lovely place. When are you coming back? You should also visit Batanes and El Nido! :)

  7. Hngondoh sis! I might suggest this for our next summer/December beach trip for my workaholic group of friends. :D

    And how KYOOOT can your OOTDs be?! #adorbs



    Mga Tugon
    1. hahaha! You made my day, sis Christine! Thanks for visiting! Funny mo! :) You should go here sabay photo op ng bongga! Love love love you!