Sweet Serenity: Staying at Buri Resort and Spa, Puerto Galera

Updated 07 July 2017

You would be surprised to know that despite having been to various provinces around the Philippines and some countries in Asia, I have never been to Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera is one of the most-visited beach destinations near Metro Manila. It’s touted as a mini-version of Boracay not just because of it overdeveloped beaches but because it’s also notorious as a wild party destination. That reputation has stuck on me and that’s why I’ve never longed to visit Puerto Galera.

Not until I came across Buri Resort and Spa.


Last summer, I had the sudden urge to go on a secluded getaway—alone! So I searched online for the nearest boutique resorts that offer a commanding view of the ocean. That was when I saw the website of Buri Resort and Spa. Just one look and I was sold!

The next day, I found myself packing my bags and going south. It took 2.5 hours to reach the Batangas Port from Metro Manila. From there, I braved an hour of bumpy ferry ride to Muelle Port in Puerto Galera, and another short 5-minute boat ride. In just under four hours, I found myself in a blissful paradise, which I believed is one of the best-kept secrets of Puerto Galera.

Buri Resort and Spa

Buri Resort and Spa Signage


From the moment the private boat that took me from Muelle Port to Buri Resort and Spa pulled closer to the shore, I knew I was going to experience an ultimate haven, away from the rowdy and wild scene that we know of Puerto Galera.

Enclaved in the azure bay of Sitio Dalaruan, Buri Resort and Spa nestles 12 posh and luxurious villas inspired by a fusion of traditional Filipino and Balinese architecture. These villas are perched high on the lush hills of Oriental Mindoro. The resort, named after the Buri palm trees soaring in its lawn and managed by Asia’s Unique Resort Alliance (AURA), is enveloped in greens and purples of nature—my weary soul instantly felt secluded and revitalized.  

Buri Resort and Spa View

Buri Resort and Spa Details


Upon arrival, I was welcomed by the resort staff, led by the officer-in-charge, Ricky. When they saw my boat docking, the whole crew literally stopped on their tracks, assembled by the resort yard, and prepared to welcome me. They do the same warm gesture to all the guests, at least from what I saw during the duration of my stay. When I was there, they never failed to greet me by my first name every single time they saw me. Truly, Filipino hospitality at its best!

Buri Resort and Spa Welcome Drinks

Beach Area

Roaming around the lush greenery of the resort, I truly felt the impeccable amenities and services this boutique resort has to offer. The place has an overall tropical vibe; there was an abundance of greens from the neighboring forest and the palm trees swaying around the entire island. It’s also sprinkled with pinks from the wild bougainvillea bushes planted in the property.

Buri Resort and Spa is the perfect venue to immerse into hours wasted staring at the cobalt-blue sea, diving, plunging into the gorgeous infinity pools, or just simple relaxation.


The 12 villas in Buri Resort and Spa are overflowing with rustic comfort and tropical charm. It comes in three types: garden, family, and pool.  The pool villa is the most luxurious of all and has a private plunge pool.

I booked a garden room and was assigned to the Dahlia villa. A word of caution: prepare to be awestruck, not just by the beauty of the rooms but also by the steep flight of stairs that you need to climb to reach the rooms. Believe me when I say, the villas are worth the uphill hike!

Buri Resort and Spa Stairs

Buri Resort and Spa Dahlia View

Buri Resort and Spa Dahlia Villa

The Dahlia villa is spacious and unsurprisingly, feels cozy and homey. The room has big windows, to allow natural light, a queen-sized bed, and an attic. Outside the balcony, I have the view of the Puerto Galera Bay and the infinity pools, slightly obscured by Buri palm trees.

I fell in love most with the outdoor bathroom! It’s a gorgeous garden shower and bathtub, enclosed by Buri’s lush landscape.  Imagine bathing under the sun by the day and under the stars by night, embraced by nothing less than the pure beauty of nature. It was my dream bathroom!

Buri Resort Outdoor Bathroom

Buri Resort Outdoor Bathroom Details

Buri Resort Outdoor Bathroom Details

Every night during my stay, I was gifted with a personalized note drawn on a lovely leaf.

To say that I was happily impressed was an understatement.

Buri Resort Leaf Note

Buri Resort Balcony


If you’re looking to lazily swim under the sun, there are the back-to-back infinity pools of Buri Resort and Spa. The resort also offers water activities, such as kayaking and island hopping, upon request. Rates will be sent to you via email before the day of your arrival.

Buri Villas

Buri Resort and Spa Infinity Pool

Buri Resort and Spa Infinity Pool Lounge

You can also read a book or have a laid-back moment at any of the resort’s lounge seats and alcoves.

Regrettably, I was not able to try out the resort’s spa which I heard offers Swedish, Shiatsu, and aromatherapy treatments along with the traditional Filipino hilot massage and ventosa.

Drinks can be availed at the Blue Bar which sits beside the infinity pool. As for delectable tastes, there’s the Animasi Restaurant where you can eat local and international flavors while enjoying the view of the sprawling sea just in front of the restaurant.

Buri Resort and Spa Blue Bar

Buri Resort and Spa Blue Bar Drinks

Buri Resort and Spa Animasi Restaurant


There’s just one thing though: mosquitoes abound! But nothing that can’t be stopped by an insect repellent spray and lotion. Be sure to also put to good use the bed net provided.


To check prices and recent promotions, check AGODA.COM.  Rooms can be as low as Php2, 750 per night, good for two persons with breakfast, welcome drinks, and a complimentary foot bath! 


You’re looking for a posh, private, and secluded ambiance. It’s also a great getaway for honeymooners on a romantic vacation!

Overall, if you are longing for true tranquility, cool calmness, and sweet serenity, then Buri Resort and Spa is for you.

Buri Resort and Spa Balcony

How to get here? Buri Resort and Spa is located at Sitio Dalaruan, Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro. From Metro Manila, board a bus going to Batangas Port. From Batangas Port, ride a ferry going to Muelle Port. Buri Resort and Spa offers private boat arrangements from Muelle Port to the resort and vice versa.
When is the best time to come? It’s always a good time to visit but avoid the typhoon season. Ferry rides from Batangas to Puerto Galera can be bumpy. Waves are often ferocious. Summer months (March to May) are your best bets.
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How much? Rates can go as low at Php2, 500 per night on low-season and as high as Php8,500. Personally, I paid Php3, 300 for a garden villa room booked on a summer weekday.
What’s included? Rates are for rooms only and the use of the infinity pool. Additional surcharges apply for breakfast, the boat transfers from/to Muelle Port, and all other activities.
How to book? Book through Agoda for discounted rates and instant booking confirmation!

Disclosure: If you book a stay at Buri Resort and Spa through the links on this page, I’ll earn a small commission of the payment at no extra cost to you. It allows me to continue to maintain this website and share amazing travel stories with you!

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