6 Restaurants to Check out After Moving to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand is exciting, stressful, and also a bit terrifying. There’re so many bases you have to cover. Did your visa get approved? Have you found a place to live? Luckily there are sources that can help you figure all of those things out like https://www.movingtonewzealand.com. But once you’ve finished worrying about everything you need to do before moving, what about after? Food of course!

Knowing the best restaurants is a must when moving, especially to a new country. Restaurants are a way to try new foods, meet new people, and become comfortable in the new place you’re living.

This country is full of restaurants, cafés, and bakeries that offer some of the most delicious food you’ll ever have! Oh, and no need to worry about the price range. You can find luxurious high-end restaurants next door to affordable and casual spots. To find out six places you must try after moving, keep reading!

1. Takapuna Beach Cafe 

If you’re planning to check out the beaches of New Zealand, coming to the Takapuna Beach Café afterwards should be part of that. You can find classic café foods like soups, salads, and sandwiches made to perfection.

The Takapuna Beach Café also has homemade gelato, which is perfect after a day out on the water!

2. The French Cafe 

The French Café is a high-end restaurant that is famous in the international culinary world for its top of the line food. The restaurant is elegantly decorated and has ambient seating.

The menu is full of sophisticated dishes that allow you to appreciate their combination of cuisine and artistry. Eating here is a truly an experience!

3. Ortolana 

If you’re looking for a laid back and relaxing place to eat, Ortolana is for you. Innovated by members of the Hip Group, Scott Brown and Jackie Grant. Ortolana offers its patrons bistro and traditional café foods.

With gorgeous outside seating, you can appreciate New Zealand’s beautiful weather while eating tasty food.

4. Ebisu
If you’re looking for a fancy dining experience paired with amazing food, you have to come to this restaurant. Ebisu offers some of the best sushi and Japanese food you can find in New Zealand.

While this restaurant is incredibly popular, the wait is worth it. Hand-crafted sushi rolls and delicious miso soup are only some of the options this luxurious restaurant has to offer its goers.

5. Depot  

Feeling a part of the country is something you should strive for. This affordable and popular restaurant is run by one of New Zealand’s most adored chefs, Al Brown. Depot is known for its raw seafood bar, umami filled roasted bone marrow, and seasoned brussels sprouts. If you want to feel connected to the rest of the country, Depot is a must!

6. Baduzzi 

Baduzzi offers Italian food that will transport you to Sicily in one bite! Known for their extensive wine list, you can enjoy a selection of wines that your tastebuds will thank you for. This restaurant is home to traditional Italian dishes made with a modern twist.

Which to choose? Choose them all! 

Making sure the place you’re moving has restaurants you’ll like is important. Plus, it’s helpful to know the area.

These are just a few New Zealand restaurants for you to visit. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood for a full meal, sweet treat, or good cup of coffee, New Zealand has got you covered.

Moving to New Zealand is going to be such a fun journey for you. You'll have plenty of places to eat at along the way. Follow my adventures on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook by searching for the hashtags #GirlChasingSunshine. Thank you for dropping by! :) 

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