Planning on Traveling with Your Pet? Check Out These Tips Before You Go

Travel is an inevitable part of life; whether it’s for work, family, or fun, we will all eventually find ourselves faced with taking a long trip. Planning all the logistics of your trip can be quite an undertaking, and as all pet owners can attest, owning a furry friend only adds a whole new set of complications.

Many owners choose to leave their pets at home and pay a friend or family member to take care of them while they are away. Other owners choose to board their pets at a kennel; this can be a good option for some, but many owners worry about leaving their pet with a stranger, especially if that pet has special needs.

More and more pet owners are choosing to bring their dogs and cats on vacation with them—as much for peace of mind as for the pleasure of their company. In most households, pets are seen as another member of the family, and no trip or vacation would be complete without them.

With the proper planning, traveling with your furry friend is more feasible than you might think. Increasing numbers of hotels, lodgings, airlines, and restaurants are becoming pet friendly - there are more pet friendly travel options now then there ever have been before!

If you have a trip coming up and are thinking about taking your cat or dog along, read over these tips before you head out. They will help you make sure you have all your bases covered and give you a better idea of what to expect.

Plan Frequent Stops

No matter what type of animal you are traveling with, they will eventually need to answer nature’s call. Plan a pitstop into your trip, at least one every two hours of driving, or one at every stop if you are flying or taking a train. Even cats and small dogs who are being transported in carriers should be given a chance to stretch and relieve themselves every few hours.

You should also be prepared to clean up any accidents that happen as you go. Bring a few paper towels and plastic bags with you and remember to also clean up any accidents inside the crate as soon as possible. If you wouldn’t want to sit in it, neither does your pet!

Lastly, remember to give your furry friend time to eat and drink during these stops. Some pets find traveling very stressful and may be reluctant to eat or drink at first, so just be patient.

Research Pet Friendly Lodgings

With the growing number of cat and dog friendly retreats and lodgings available, you will probably have at least a few options no matter where you want to go. While a pet friendly room used to cost a premium, they are now more affordable than ever. With a little research, you are sure to find one that can fit your budget.

Come Prepared

Before leaving home, make sure you have everything your furry friend might need. This goes beyond food, toys, and water – it’s a good idea to bring a little emergency kit with any medications they might need, as well as their vaccination records, in case they might need to be seen by a vet.

On that note, if you own a dog, it is important to make sure they have updated contact and vaccine tags on their collars. Travel means taking your dog into new environments, which can unfortunately increase their chances of getting lost. If this were to happen, updated tags will help ensure you are reunited as quickly as possible.

Know Before You Go

Know where the local vets are before you go! Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere; it’s always best to be prepared. Vets are harder to find than human doctors, so it is important to look up local vets before arriving, in case your pet might need to be seen.

Got some tips regarding travelling with pets? Comment your advices and experience below. 

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