5 Amazing Travel Experiences to Add to Your Bucket List

Traveling is a great time to head outside of your comfort zone and try something you might normally never attempt. It can be all too easy to get stuck in your routine, between work or school or just the daily grind. So, it’s important to sometimes take a break from it all and plan a trip.

But what sort of things can you do when trying to find inner adventurer? 

Travel lends itself to being a life changing experience and can create some of the most lasting memories of your life. Here are five amazing experiences you should add to your bucket list for those who want to leave the security blanket at home and head out to the great outdoors.

1. Fishing

Fishing is often thought of as a relaxing sport, but there are so many different ways one can experience this versatile hobby. Places such as Idaho offer fly fishing on a moving boat, which is a little more exciting than your average fishing trip. If you are extremely new to the world of fishing, focusfishing.com has a decent blog full of tips and reviews to peruse.

This is an easily accessible experience, as you can enjoy fishing in any vacation spot near water. Fun for groups or individually, bring your boat shoes and see if you can catch the biggest fish of the trip.

2. Zip-lining

Zip-lining is an absolute must that you can add to any trip. You can find zip-lining excursions nearly everywhere nowadays. From the wilds of Peru to the mountains of the Appalachian trail, zip-lining never gets old, and it’s the best way to experience a view.

If you’re newer to zip-lining, make sure to research the location you plan on going to. Some zip-lining excursions are meant for beginners, with guides to help push and catch you on your journey. Others are a little more independent, and you will be expected to do the majority of the heavy lifting.

3. Biking down an active volcano

This excursion may be a little more location-specific, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the trip. If you ever find yourself in Hawaii, be sure to stop by Haleakala volcano for your guided bike tour. A massive volcano that is still technically active (but scientists keep a close eye on it), you will sound like quite the heroine when you brag about this outing to your coworkers.

This experience is geared towards the slightly more athletic, and if you haven’t ridden a bike in a while, you may want to brush up beforehand. To fully experience this, you will need to be an early riser, as you are driven to the top of the volcano for a phenomenal sunrise view before biking down the volcano and finishing before lunchtime.

4. Cave Exploring 

While technically indoors, cave exploring is a wondrous experience that all ages can enjoy. You can explore such natural beauties at your leisure and experience level. If you prefer a more relaxing experience, walking tours are more than available. If you’d like to be slightly more adventurous, you might try snorkeling in places such as Puerto Rico and other tropical locales.

For the truly daring, you may embark on “advanced” cave expeditions where there is zero synthetic lighting and no trails besides the one you create on your own.

5. Night Kayaking 

Continuing the trend of visual splendors, night kayaking may sound daunting, but in practice, it can be a soothing and gorgeous experience.

Bioluminescence tours can be found in warmer, tropical locations that allow for algae to glow in the dark. Glide above as thousands of these twinkling organisms glow right below you and light a makeshift path for your boat.

With so much to choose from when traveling, try to think outside the box and attempt something you might never consider normally. Skip out on the shopping for one day, and slip on your sneakers for a different kind of trek. You may surprise yourself with just how much you end up loving it.

What about you-- what's on your travel bucketlist? :) 

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