A Booking Guide for Where to Stay in Dubai

Quickly becoming a premier tourist destination, Dubai is a massive international city that has a huge amount to offer in the way of fashion, nightlife, and culture. But for those who have never been, what is the best way to go about choosing a place to stay in Dubai? 
 We have broken it up into three subsections based on cost: budget, mid-range, and high end/luxury hotels.

Budget / Affordable Hotels in Dubai

1. M Hotel by Millennium 
One of the best lower-rate accommodations, the M Hotel by Millennium is located in the more expensive location of downtown Dubai with affordable, modern rooms that can accommodate a variety of parties. If you plan on being out and about most of the time, this is a perfect option for someone who would rather cut costs on the hotel price and spend it elsewhere.

2. Marina Hotel Apartments 
The Dubai Marina is an excellent location to stay near if this is your first visit to Dubai. As the name suggests, this location overlooks the water and also offers attractions like a traditional Arabian boat tour. The Marina Hotel Apartments offer a peek into life as a local, with full apartment-sized suites and spectacular views of the marina below.

3. London Crown Hotel 
Located in the quieter neighborhood of Al Mankhool, there is plenty to do if you are into shopping and going out to restaurants. If you prefer something that is a little ways away from the hustle and bustle, the London Crown Hotel offers fair prices in exchange for a clean and comfortable room.

Mid-Range Hotels in Dubai

1. Al-Ghurair Hotel 

This hotel is located in the older town of Deira, an authentic neighborhood great for families. If you’re one for history, Deira is a great place to start. You’ll be a short walk or drive away from some of Dubai’s most famous museums. The Al-Ghurair Hotel can host hundreds of guests at a time comfortably, with touches of opulence and luxury throughout for a moderate price.

2. Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach 

If beaches are more your thing, the Sofitel Dubai is an excellent choice. Right atop the Jumeirah Beach, this hotel also offers a dazzling restaurant and lounge area as well as rooms that overlook the ocean and a few that even have their own private balcony. It also comes with a number of amenities, like Turkish spa baths and a fitness room.

3. Savoy Central Hotel Apartment 

If hotel amenities are your priority, look no further. This hotel boasts of its perks including a fitness center, rooftop pool, and sauna open to all guests. In addition to this, guests have plenty of room in their apartment-style accommodations.

High-End / Luxury Hotels in Dubai

1. Shangri-La Hotel Dubai 
If you’re the type of guest who wants accessibility, luxury, and comfort both in and out of your room, this is the hotel for you. Right in the center of Shangri-La, there is never a dull moment for any guests both inside and out of their rooms. You will be treated like royalty during your stay, so much that you may not want to leave!

2. Hilton Dubai Jumeirah
The Hilton Dubai is so delightful, you could spend your entire vacation here and be fully satisfied. Complete with restaurants, a pool, and even its own private beach area, this hotel can cater to your every need.

3. BurJuman Arjaan by Rotana 
While the price point may be what you’d expect for a luxury hotel, you certainly get what you pay for. Every room comes with both Wi-Fi and an iPhone dock for all, in addition to a gorgeous swimming pool and cabana setup. 

No matter where you decide to stay in Dubai, one thing is for certain: you are going to have an amazing time! Follow my adventures on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook by searching for the hashtags #GirlChasingSunshine. Thank you for dropping by! :) 

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